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Dear Valued Customers,

Originating from passion and favorite for welding technology, a mechanical machining method is characterized by the ability to stick metal components of all sizes. Our company DoubleGood., JSC was established in February 2008.

Wishing to be the leading private enterprise in providing comprehensive welding technology solutions including high quality welding machines and accessories, products for welding, TIG welding, MIG-MAG welding , plasma welding, welding power, underwater welding, brazing, friction welding, …; Welding materials of various types and quantities; In addition to the installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, replacement, repair and modification welding and cutting equipment; Technology transfer is our essential services.

With the prestige and quality of the famous brand name Lincoln Electric -the welding experts in the world. As Lincoln Electric Authorized Distributor & Authorized Service Facility (LASF), we are committed to delivering the best products and services. Take the motto of putting customer satisfaction first. Along with a team of experts, welding, mechanical and electrical engineers have many years of experience in the industry; have the attitude of progress, eager to learn, enthusiasm in work, listening and understanding customers. We always prioritize investment in human resource training in order to bring our valued customers wanted values and professional services at the international level.

We are committed to finding solutions and towards the mission of bringing modern, environmentally friendly welding technology to Enterprises in Vietnam at a reasonable cost to contribute to the development of customers, society and the country. We sincerely thank the support of our valued customers and always want to maintain the sustainability of this relationship.

Best regards!


Mr. Nguyen Tien Ngoc Tu