Perhaps in the past, the price issue has been put on top by many investors when building and developing their businesses. But in the new era of the industrial revolution 4.0, the sodution for “Quality – Price – Delivery – Warranty” will be considered and will be the key to help your businesses grow higher, farther in your field.

Most of our buying habits are attracted by “cheap” first. For example, in terms of the same function of welding machines, if not carefully calculated, investors are easy to make the choice of welding machines with low cost, but still fully meet the desired function. However, what Double Good JSC sees during its market access is that, with low-cost welding machines, after only a short time of use, the quality of the machine deteriorates quickly and continuously. In malfunction, repair and replacement. At the same time,  welding current and voltage modes are not as expected with a large deviation. Consequences lead to the implementation of welds with low quality, many defects, thereby increasing repair costs. Moreover, the life cycle as well as the warranty of these cheap welding machines are very short. So, in summary “The choice of cheap welding machine is it really cheap when it comes to use?”

With many years of experience in welding, Double Good JSC has access to advanced welding technologies. We found that there are many famous welding equipment manufacturers in the world from Japan, Korea, Sweden … However, an option is considered smart investment, we should choose the prize comprehensive advice to have an overview. Long-term investment instead of immediate short-term vision. Our solution for customers is: Investing comprehensively in human resources, equipments and procedures. A solution that only focuses on investing in advanced and modern equipment will not be fully effective if people do not keep up with the technology, and the process is not optimal to fully utilize the equipment’s performance. Investment in advanced welding equipment, along with improving the level of human resources and technological processes, will be the most comprehensive and optimal solution to help your business develop sustainably, improve your values, create your products with the best quality and the best price.

Lincoln Electric is one of the well-known welding equipment and technology companies in the world. This is the company that provides you with complete solutions to create a perfect product with the most cost and optimal price. In addition, the company’s sales, delivery and after-sales policy are very good. Therefore, we have chosen to be Lincoln’s Authorized Distributor in Vietnam. Below are the optimal options for welding machines used for materials, and welding processes for customers to refer. Together, we will provide consulting services, technology transfer, training to use equipment optimization and provide welding process solutions for your business.