Wind Tower welding by using Lincoln technology


By 2030, wind, solar and geothermal energy will fulfill 14 percent of the global demand for electricity. The increase is driven by the desire for a renewable, non-carbon emission energy, as well as decreased dependence on non-domestic fuel sources.

To meet this growing demand, multiple sources of renewable energy are currently under development, and Lincoln’s experience, welding process knowledge and products are positioned to help our customers be successful. Today, wind and hydroelectric power are the most common forms of renewable energy.

Whether the wind energy is generated onshore or offshore, Lincoln’s complete solutions for wind tower fabrication have helped customers around the world achieve higher levels of productivity and quality.

The future for wind is larger generators, taller towers and more offshore development. These trends will mean thicker and/or higher strength materials, plus stronger and tougher weld metal requirements for the towers. You can count on Lincoln to be ready with the equipment and consumables for any changes.

By 2025, hydroelectric power generation is estimated to account for 20 percent of all new electrical generation capacity. Lincoln has a full line of consumable materials and welding knowledge to assist customers that fabricate the various 410NiMo water turbines, the penstock, water controls and other structural components that comprise a modern hydroelectric power plant.


To capture the best wind and produce more electricity, wind towers are getting taller and offshore wind farms are becoming more common. This trend requires towers, and their foundations, to withstand extreme environmental and dynamic loading conditions. As a result, thicker and higher-strength steel plates are being used more frequently in these types of applications.

Regardless of the material thickness or type, Lincoln Electric has consumable solutions that meet the most stringent mechanical requirements. Our extensive experience in the construction of offshore   structures for the oil and gas industry allows us to provide proven solutions for use in offshore towers and foundations.

Those solutions include specialized submerged arc welding flux and electrodes, such as Lincolnweld WTX and L-61, which have been engineered to provide the strength, impact properties and excellent weld bead appearance required for onshore and offshore towers. In addition, patented technology within the Power Wave platform of welding machines lowers operating costs and significantly improves productivity – meaningful benefits for fabricators in this industry.


Lincoln Electric has over 70 years of experience in submerged arc consumable design and manufacture, which helps make Lincolnweld® flux and electrode the industry leader in wind tower welding solutions. Wind tower fabrication demands welds with high impact toughness in harsh environments. The Lincolnweld® family of submerged arc consumables has over 10 flux and electrode combinations capable of exceeding these requirements. For a consumable solution designed specifically for high quality, consistency and performance in wind tower welding applications – choose Lincolnweld®.


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